Central California Home Insurance

Your home is your castle, make sure it is protected

It seems like every news broadcast talks about a wildfire taking homes, or fire breaking out and leaving a family homeless. We see these events and wonder do I have the right house insurance. I have a homeowners insurance policy but what does it cover? Is it the right coverage? Will we be made whole if we have a claim?

These are important questions. One of the toughest questions we get asked is "My home is worth less than I paid for it, why hasn't my insurance gone down?" Fair question. Building costs have not followed the market. It is still as expensive to build or rebuild a house as ever. It is important to come up with a replacement cost that is reflective of what you would have to spend to rebuild your house. There are several programs that project the cost of building and we use them to help you find the right number for your home insurance.

The second questions we get often is " Why so much coverage for my contents, we don't have that much stuff?" My answer to that is fairly simple. Pick a room any room and try to guess the value of the contents. I would be amazed if you get within 50%. I have tried and when I got into it, I realized how far off my guess was. For instance, my wife is a great cook. I went into the spice cabinet thinking oh maybe $100.00 of spices. Well over time and different recipes we had accumulated over a fifty bottles of spices. Well if you have purchased any lately you know they cost more than $2.00 a bottle. An inventory might be surprising, but inventories are static and the contents coverage is a moving target. New purchases and things that have gone away.

Another question is " Why do you want to know about my dog?" Did you know dog bites are one of the top liability claims every year? Dogs are mans best friend but in their protectiveness or playfulness they can cause an injury for which you are responsible.

With the responses to a few questions we can build a homeowners insurance policy just for you. We will give you the coverage you deserve and not over or under do any coverage

What About Rebuilding?

We provide home insurance by vigorously pursuing value added protection for you and your home. We have companies that provide bonus protection up to 200% of the insurance amount in event rebuilding costs more than expected. But most of all we work really hard to get the value of your home correct. If something happens you want the whole home to be rebuilt.

What about changes to your home. Have you added a room, converted a garage, added a garage. These are all things that we need to know to keep your home insurance up to date. Yes your house is your castle but with the proper house insurance we can protect you from life's hazards both large and small

Ted Hamm Insurance

Whether you are blindsided by a storm or a lawsuit, thinking afterward about what you should have done before the event is for the reckless. The responsible know better. Remember, we are just one uninsured claim away from financial ruin. Get the protection you deserve from Ted Hamm Insurance today.

At Ted Hamm Insurance we have protected the citizens of Paso Robles since 1977. We are friends with the people here. We know home insurance. We also understand that what would take you 100 years to pay on an annual homeowners insurance policy, you could be liable for in a five second tragedy.

Complete the Protection Savings Form today and let the professionals at Ted Hamm Insurance stack the deck in your favor!