Central California Renters Insurance

Why Do You Need Rental Insurance?

You need Renters Insurance to protect your belongings from events like theft, vandalism, fire to name a few. "Why would I get this coverage?", you may ask. I know there are many people that don't carry insurance, so why should I? Well these are valid questions and there is a simple answer. Even a student renting an apartment has more contents than they think they have. Take this challenge, Pick a room and try to guess how much the contents are worth, not garage sale price but replacement cost ( same for same). I doubt that you will be within 50% of the value if you take a paper and pencil and research the cost of each item. I know because we at Ted Hamm Insurance Agency have done this hundreds of times. The amount you have in your head should a fire destroy your apartment is going to be likely only half of what you need to get back to where you were.

Renter Insurance assures you that you're protected against the damage or loss of personal property when you rent an apartment or house. Your landlord has insurance on the building to protect his asset but it is not going to give you any protection at all. A landlord that requires you to have coverage is actually doing you a favor. Yes, they are protecting themselves but they are also making sure that you are protected.If something happens there is no finger pointing, the insurance companies will handle the problem.

Not only does it protect your personal property but what If your apartment is damaged by fire where are you going to live? Rental Insurance can help with temporary emergency funds to get you situated in a new location and some quick seed money to get you back to normal.

What about the party in your apartment, you know the one where a gust slipped on the floor in your kitchen The floor was damp from some spilled water and they did not notice. Your Renters Insurance can help with a claim for injuries to your guests. Your landlord is not going to be held responsible for this you are. There could occur a situation where you are held responsible for:

  • Injury to another person
  • Damage to another person's property(whether the incident occurred within your rented residence or elsewhere)

Now that you have rented a place, knowing your options will help you choose the best policy.

What's Covered?

The good thing about Rental Insurance should you be renting a house, a condo or and apartment. You can find a package that can cover all of your belongings. A Renters policy can cover virtually all of your personal possessions. Most policies provide coverage for electronic goods and equipment, small appliances, sports equipment, cameras and photography equipment, furniture, clothing, glassware and china, and books. Items such as computers, jewelry, furs, watercraft, and firearms can also be covered with extended protection. Your Renter Insurance policy will include:

  • Personal property protection for the items you own
  • Family liability protection in case there is an injury for which you are responsible
  • Guest medical protection a complimentary coverage for anyone hurt on your property without admitting fault
  • Additional living expenses provides money for temporary housing after a loss to your rented property

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In 2006 the Insurance Research Council found that only 43% of renters nationwide had insurance - don't be left in the dark without coverage. To prepare a Renters policy that's right for you today, fill out the quick and easy Protection Savings Form right now. And Ted Hamm Insurance expert will provide you with the best possible quote in no time.