Are you currently insured with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)?

Do you get your California Vet Insurance coverage through the AVMA? It is a terrific organization that offers excellent services to its members: from education, professional development, management of your practice, advocacy, meetings and outreach among its membership and lobbying congress for changes in law that support professional veterinary medicine and less restrictions. You probably already know that and appreciate your membership. However, when it comes to insurance there is no choice – you get what has been negotiated and is offered. Why not move your California Veterinary Insurance where you have choices and a professional agent to serve you? You can still remain a member of the AVMA, and most of my clients continue to be avid members. They just also enjoy having an insurance agent that knows their business.

Why Work With A Professional?

Do you know how your clients can get into trouble when they try to self medicate or heal an injury to their pet or farm animal? You encourage your clients to come to you for your professional advice because you have the training to give the right care and you generally know where to go for resources if the problem becomes complex. Well, the same is true with your California Veterinarian Insurance policies. You have extensive training as a doctor and veterinarian but you’re not a licensed insurance agent. When you need professional advice, let the insurance professionals at Ted Hamm Insurance Agency provide it for you. Don’t try to do this yourself, there are no one size fits all policy for Vet Insurance in California, just as there are no one cure for animals.

As a professional who has years of experience working with veterinarians I know what coverage’s that are most important to your industry and protection. I know what types of policies and which companies offer the broadest coverage for the lowest premium. My job is to find out what needs to be protected and then craft the coverage necessary to protect your business, your employees and your livelihood. No one coverage or policy is exactly the same. In addition, I will follow up periodically throughout the year with the designated contact for your office to check on your business. Did you add or remove any equipment that needs to be changed on your policy? I will also follow up before each renewal to find out if there were any changes in your operation and finally I will compare your coverage and premium to the Veterinary Insurance market. If you do not have the most competitive package I will recommend alternatives for your consideration. I don’t just do this sometimes, I do it every year. And if you agree to change insurance companies I will take care of everything and will handle the transfer so that there is nothing that you need to do. You see, I work for you, not the Veterinarian Insurance company so my focus is on what is best for you.

That is not all; throughout the course of the year I will send you tips on how to save money on your insurance and steps to take that can reduce the chance of loss and claims. And, I put out a monthly newsletter directed to just my Vet Insurance clients. The newsletter is full of information that I have picked up over the years that is of interest and applicable to your field.

Do You Get All Of This And Service From Your Current Agent?

If you don’t have an agent when was the last time that you heard from your California Veterinary Insurance company other than sending you a bill? I know what you are thinking, this is all great but what is this going to cost me? The truth is probably nothing more and most likely you will end up saving money. You see, I have access to most all of the biggest Veterinarian Insurance program carriers like Liberty, Hartford, CNA, Travelers, Zurich and CIG just to name a few. For complex operations I can reach out to the open market and have access to many more. I shop them all to find the best package for you.

This is truly one of those win-win situations. You have nothing to lose by talking to me and everything to gain in correct coverage and lowest premiums. Please give us a call or complete the form on this webpage and we will contact you! A Special Report will be available once you complete the form.

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