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CIG Shred Day is Back Again

October 26th, 2019

We will be doing the annual shred day once again.  The event will take place on October 26th, 2019.  For those of you that have not been able to participate, we allow our clients to drop of shredding the week before the shredding day itself. We store the paper in locked containers in a secure area. The actual excitement come on Saturday when the shredding truck drives up and starts turning all the documents into confetti. Last year we sent the truck away almost a full four tons heavier thanks to the response of the community. Each year has been a little bigger than the year before. It is a great time to get rid of all that paper that is sitting around.

Each year our shredding is sponsored by Capital Insurance Group and we appreciate their support. So get those file cabinets cleaned out and bring it to the office to make it disappear.


Flag Exchange

Flag Exchange

Coming up in the first two weeks of June we will once again be partnering with Safeco and Liberty Mutual Insurance Companies. The first week of June our clients can bring in an old flag and pick up a new 3X5 American Flag. If they don't have an old flag that's ok, we will give them a new one to display. The second week of June any community member can stop by and retire a flag and get a replacement flag. We will continue until we run out of flags. Last year we did in fact run out so we are ordering more for this year.

We take the old flags to the Boy scouts who hold a retirement ceremony. The flags are properly disposed of and the Boys scouts get practice in the ceremony. One interesting note each of the last two years we had more retired flags than we gave away.

So come and show your spirit with a new American flag.



2019 Bikes For Reading Program


This year for one of our community programs we decided to encourage reading through a bikes for reading program. We chose one school and had the kids from 2nd to 6th grade join a program where they promised to read extra. For the entire school year the children have reported on their reading to their teachers. Each participant will received a certificate with an individualized message from a member of the community and from our office staff. We solicited these comments from our Facebook page and have them put on the certificates. The bikes will be presented at the end of the school year at Bauer Speck School.


Now for the bikes part. A boy and a girl in each grade will be selected by the school to get a bicycle and helmet. Nationwide Insurance has partnered with us to help make it possible. We had a bicycle build day that was enjoyed by those who were able to be there.

For our part we just want to let the students know about the joy we get when we read and encourage them to read for a lifetime.