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See why our clients continue to choose Ted Hamm Insurance for all of their personal and commercial insurance needs.


"Deborah was very quick and efficient at responding to my email inquiries. She explained my policy and answered our questions. Thank you."

- Sara Tilem, Goleta

"Chris was our agent once before in Washington State and he did an awesome job with our car, home, medical and business. Now that we have moved Chris is our agent again! Chris is very detailed oriented and has always gotten us the best plan for our needs and many times has chased a problem for us for hours and fixed it when it was not related to one of our insurance policies"

- Bill & Linda Sutherland, Henderson NV

"We needed a business policy for a newly signed lease. Ted Hamm Insurance gave us a good policy at a fair price and expedited the process. It was completely painless and we will do business again and refer as well"

- Mark McConnell, Paso Robles

"Chris was awesome and went above and beyond to make sure I was informed to make insurance decisions and actually got us better/more coverage for a cheaper price"

- Lorraine Wilson, Paso Robles

"Chris was exceptional, knowledgeable of our insurance options and patient with us"

- Quinn Wardell, Paso Robles

"Chris Raders provided good fee comparison and prompt service"

- Rubin Herrera, Grover Beach

"Fast and Professional!"

- Jess Houk, Paso Robles

"Starting my new business has been a real adventure. When it came time to get insurance Chris Raders was extremely helpful and reliable. He took the extra step of contacting a client for us so the lines of communication could clear up. Chris is an excellent agent and goes above and beyond for his customers and clients. Thank you!

- Katherine Daou, San Diego

"Connie was very helpful and informative. I am very pleased with my coverage. I will definitely recommend her to friends in the future. I work for a job where we review peoples policies a lot so it was very important to me to have a policy I felt safe in and covered. Connie 100% made the experience easy. Thank you"

- Erin O'Neill, Paso Robles

"Excellent in all areas! A very positive experience!"

- Charles Dominguez, San Miguel

"We were unhappy with our old company and at Ted Hamm Insurance every need was covered and we are so happy with the service. Chris Raders worked out all the details and explained the coverage perfectly. Thank you!"

- Al D'Amico & Lauri O'Neill, Paso Robles

"We were interested in finding an agency to proactively care for our insurance. We found exactly what we needed in Chris Raders at Ted Hamm  Insurance. They have been terrific!"

- Aaron Peri, Paso Robles

"Chris was very friendly and thorough. I am extremely happy with the service and will recommend to others!"

- Alexis Negranti

"Chris Raders was very kind and professional. He explained everything and made me feel confident in his work ethic and client satisfaction."

- Brenda Garcia, Nipomo

"I had contacted a few companies with no luck or the premiums were too high. Time was running out. Ted Hamm Insurance had been my only insurance experience outside of State Farm. Chris Raders immediately worked on my insurance and managed to find better coverage at a great price for my homes. The auto insurance was approximately $400 a year less!"

- Pam Austin, Paso Robles

"Starting my new business has been a real adventure. When it came time to get insurance Chris was extremely helpful and reliable. He took the extra step of contacting a client for us so the lines of communication could be cleared up. Chris is an excellent agent and goes above and beyond for his customers and clients. Thank you!"

- Katherine Daou, San Diego

"I appreciate the alternatives with which we were presented and how succinctly the differences in our options were 'boiled down' for us. Made it easy!"

- Melissa Froehner, Atascadero

"Chris knows our needs and makes sure that they are taken care of. I trust him."

- Jim Jordan, San Tan Valley AZ

"I was very surprised to get a detailed, handwritten thank you from Chris - that sealed the deal for me!

- Mark Landres, LA

"We very much liked being informed of the status of our insurance. Chris Raders could not have done more in helping us obtain new coverage for three different pieces of commercial property and he notified our current agent and handled the cancellation of the prior policy. Chris is thorough, responsive, organized, personable and a true professional."

- Phillip & Laurie Klein, Solana Beach

" My many thanks for your interest but we are insured with Ted Hamm and he is also a great agent and very trust worthy. We like a local person who also looks after our needs and is a farmer in our area so he always knows what we are up against."

- Nick V, Paso Robles  

"I felt like Chris really cared about our company and worked to get us the best deal"

- Christina Hubbard, Paso Robles

"Chris was very helpful and easy to get in touch with. He even answered all my questions without making me feel dumb."

- Staci Simianer, Nipomo

"Chris was very thorough, professional and helpful in helping us procure business insurance for our new store. His professionalism was outstanding!"

- April Romig, Paso Robles

"Chris Raders has been extremely helpful and also very patient in explaining all the different aspects of my new policies. He took care of everything thoroughly and very professionally and was a complete pleasure to work with. I am very happy to have found him and made the switch over to him."

- Angela Grammatico, Torrance

"Our agent Chris has been exceptional in this process. Most agents have you sign on the line and collect your premium. Chris explained my lease agreement and matched my coverage to my lease. Great service. Thank you Chris, not just an agent but considered a friend."

- Roger Whitney, Paso Robles

"Very very smooth. Chris was on the ball. Communication was excellent"

- Mary Mills, Atascadero

"I have been with Ted Hamm since 1988. Ted and his staff have always met our need, always courteous and knowledgeable. In times like these it’s a great feeling to have your business with someone you can trust and depend on."

- Silvia Nerelli, Tempelton

"I have been in the banking industry for many years. I have dealt with many different insurance companies and agents. I can honestly stat that there have been very few that show the dedication and client support that you have."

- Christi Schaffer CFA, Paso Robles


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